A monument reminds. Its location, form, site design and inscriptions aid the recall of persons, things, events or values.--In recent decades, counter-monuments have emerged as a new, critical mode of commemorative practice. Even as such practice defines itself by its opposition to traditional monumentality, it has helped to reinvigorate public and professional interest in commemorative activities and landscapes and has developed its own, new conventions.
From---- Counter-monuments: the anti- monumental and the dialogic

In this project you will design and build a 3D model of a counter-monument. Your monument must be located on the National Mall in D.C. Your monument will be virtual, so it may contain both realistic and fantastical or physically impossible elements.


What is this a monument to? Event? Person? Object? Situation?
Would this make a plausible real monument, or could it ( and should it) only exist virtually?
What is it made of?
Where is it located? (specifically!)
How does it change as you move around it?
How would the visitor interact, or not interact, with it?
Does it recontextualize the things around it? How different would it be in another location?
Would passers-by recognize your project as a monument?

In addition to the actual Sketch Up project file, you will create a series of support materials.

  1. Series of 5 sketches and descriptions of your proposed project
  2. 2 composite photos showing a rendering of your project on site.
  3. A promotional poster (Use the size 13"x19" at 300 DPI, horizontal or vertical is up to you)
  4. Animated gif showing your project from multiple angles
  5. A wiki page that collects and presents your project and the supporting materials.

Note: This project is worth 2 full project grades, broken thusly:
  1. Sketches and Monument 3D model. Please save model sketchup file to your class folder. Initial brainstorming sketches should be posted on your general page, not your monument page.
  2. Promotional poster and gif and project presentation including wiki page and in class presentation. Part of your presentation grade will include how you respond to your peers' presentations!


April 7- Intro to project, hand out readings,

April 7-14 Visit the national mall, take pictures of possible sites (include selfie), home work- 3 sketches/ideas with descriptions- post results to wiki, also, response to reading posted to wiki.

April 14 Intro to Sketch-up, export and composite with photoshop, work day, 1 on 1 discussion of ideas, and reading discussion

April 21 Building animations with sketch-up, Designing poster/ flyer (photoshop/pagemaker)

April 28 Printing posters, Work Day, Final test

May 5 Exam- presentation of Projects






tilted arc1.jpeg



agnes dene.jpg

Dennis Oppenheim_Cancelled Crop_1969.jpg

demaria lightning field.jpg

richard serra.jpg

Mel Chin_Revival Field 1990-3.jpg

robert smithson.jpg

mary miss.jpg



bananna 2.jpg

Examples of proposal images and sketches:


memorial proposal.jpg