My name: Aymee (Amanjot) Batra
Major: Biology
Experience with computers and software: I don’t have much experience with computer and software.
Experience with art: I do have a lot of experience with art.
Something interesting: I graduated with a class of 16 students.
Artistic Interests: I’m very interested in videography
Groovy Aymee

The comic book article unquestionably draws attention to abstract laws and regulations for copyrights. The article brings attention to how
"accidentally" including someone else's work can cause issues as well as problems in your own representation of the art piece. The article exemplifies how to guide artists through some steps to educate and avoid further issues with copyrights.
Appropriation is a big topic in today's art world. The fine line of appropriation can honestly get confusing and tricky at times. The question pops up, "When is it okay to adapt and represent a culture or a group of people?" Appropriation most times can be either good or bad. An example of bad appropriation is demonstrated during the 2012 Victoria Secret Fashion Show. During one of the catwalks on the runway, a supermodel wore a tribal headdress (warbonnets) representing her outfit as "sexy Indian". Through history and found in present day, the warbonnet is founded in the American Plains Indian Nation. The Warbonnet is worn by male leaders who have earned great respect in tribes. When the Victoria Secret model wore the warbonnet she misrepresented the headdress as well as the Native Americans culture and heritage creating an example of bad appropriation. When there is bad appropriation, there is good appropriation, driving our attention, a positive example of good appropriation is during 2015 Met Gala. The famous singer/artist, Rihanna, wore a fur-trimmed robe by Guo Pei, a Chinese courtier, whose work was also displayed in the Met exhibition. The specific piece also laid out a shade of yellow only worn by the emperors of the Chinese Dynasty. Rihanna not only represented the outfit by acknowledging the outfits historical background she also recognized the designer and the inspiration behind the work.
In my opinion, I do believe artists should get credit for their own work, but at the same time adapting to popular culture and society allows art to evolve, making some art pieces fair to use to create new art.
Copyright is tricky and with laws and rules that apply to it, it makes getting and receiving credit for artists easier and more efficient.

Exercise 1 Presence Absence

A.Batra P&A 4
A.Batra GW Map 2018

A.Batra P & A 5.jpg
Foggy Bottom no ground A.Batra

A.Batra P&A 3.jpg
Seasonal Whole Foods, A.Batra

A.Batra P&A 2.jpg
A.Batra Waterfall and $2.99 mandarins

A.Batra P&A 1 .jpg
Oranges and traffic 2018 A.Batra

Old, New, Borrow, Blue
For this project, I started off with a black and white photo found in the archives.
2018 Archive photo

After choosing the photo I cropped the photo and reselected the students, the teacher, the desks, and chalkboard.
Screen Shot 2018-02-20 at 3.30.08 AM.png
cropped Archive photo 2018
Screen Shot 2018-02-20 at 3.31.29 AM.png

Then I decided to relocate the class from inside to outside and into a remote area. suor6v8ey0dz.jpg
From there I layered my photos and removed the mountains, sky, and tree from the image and replaced my sky with a photo taken by me. IMG_2553.jpg
After, I took the picture I took cropped and reselected the sky and replaced it in the original scenic photo.

From there I placed the class in the meadow with a new setting and colorized the photo to create the final piece.

Photoshop project 123
Final Piece after all the steps. AB 2018