Key Concepts:
  • AE (and most other video type) projects are a collection of files, not a single project file- keep files organized
  • Compositions are analogous to scenes in a movie, small subsets of larger movie. A project can contain many compositions.
  • Most anything that can be adjusted, can be adjusted over time. Learn what a keyframe does!

topics to cover:
Adding text Adding audio Adding marks
basics of moving objects around in time
keyframes Precomp

Interface- very complex, dont get lostClick on different areas to highlight, helps show what is active. Project panel Like in Premiere, shows a list of all the stuff in your project AE uses Compositions instead of sequences Time line Similar to layers panel in Photoshop mashed up with time line in Premiere Left side shows visibility Vert placement determines visibility In time line, shaded boxes indicate when the object exists in time, can be trimmed like in premiere Composition panel Work space. Tied to timeline, click on objects in either to highlight and bounding box

Info panel- information related to what is highlighted Preview panel- shuttle controls, play button- ram preview to show comp, render line shows ready or not

Toolbar- sections Selections, cameras, shape and vector creation, paint tools, warp and roto tools

Lets add some textUse text tool to type in some textIn layer portion of time line, open disclosure triangle and transformNote all the parameters that can be keyframedClick on position stopwatch to insert a keyframe at beginning of timelineMove playhead over 1 sec (show multiple ways of doing this)Use selection tool to grab text in comp window and move to another locationNote that another keyframe is added, and red line tracing pathAdd a few more movements, note path is interpolated and smoothed

Add audio- add markers control-8Pre comp selected layers to move as group NAME IT! Use right clickRight and left bracket to set in and out point in timeline of selected object