Alexander Reed's Page

Kanye West's Blood on the Leaves samples "Strange Fruit" a song originally performed by Billie Holiday in 1939 that protested the lynchings of African-Americans in the Southern United States. West utilizes a version of "Strange Fruit" as sung by Nina Simone to create a churning anthem warning about consumption and extravagence.

Photoshop Removal Project:

1. Olivia Palermo Red Dress Removal

2. Troian Bellasarion Motorcycle Removal

3. Kenzo Clothing Removal

4. Family Without Mother Removal

5. Family Without Father Removal

Project 2: Premiere Pro Video Editing.

Holzer Truism.

In this project I took inspiration from the work of Jenny Holzer and her Truisms. In her Truisms, Holzer uses the medium - such as a billboard or advertisement (as seen above) to analyze itself as a reflective criticism. Using this idea, I examined modern day food documentaries that paradoxically do not focus on the food at all. These documentaries instead, examine the lives, passions, and histories of the chefs, not the food. From there I sought to increase the absurdity of this reality by dryly and sarcastically commenting on the images we are witness to.