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Monument Promotional Poster

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Altamirano Monument Composite 2.jpg
Monument on Site 2

This is a side view of the monument. I took my inspiration from The Lorax and created my monument based around some of the themes within that book. For my monument I wanted to take a more abstract take, so the tree are created by layering different forms to create the image of a tree when looked at straight on. The purpose of layering these forms is to give the monument greater dimensionality, rather that just having single layer tree forms placed throughout.

This is a frontal view of the monument. Here it becomes clearer that the forms when stacked on top of each other create the image of trees or tree forms. These are glass forms which stand upon a stone base. Since this is a commentary on deforestation I wanted the entire monument to be devoid of life, so that the focus is on the disappearance of these elements from our environment.

Although these are glass forms I wanted to touch on the notions of both presence and absence. This is a monument that serves as a commentary on an ongoing problem, rather than an event that occurred in the past. The use of glass is meant to demonstrate to the visitor what we continue to remove from our environment. The variance in heights and widths of the glass forms are meant to create a sense of monumentality for the visitor and overwhelm them, in a way, in order to give them a sense of what we are losing in true scale.

This sketch is meant to show how much the different glass panels vary in size and height. This was meant to create the most dimensionality within the monument and help it carry a greater weight considering the use of glass panels could be interpreted as being fragile.

The aerial view of the monument is meant to show the dispersal of the tree forms, as well as the amount of space that is left for the visitors so that they are able to interact with and walk through the monument. I wanted this monument to be grand in scale in order to have the greatest impact, as well as the most room for visitor interaction. The visitor is supposed to be able to walk through the entire monument and be surrounded by these towering forms to get the greatest sense of what is being lost through deforestation. The use of glass as the medium aids in providing the visitor the best sense of absence and loss, as well as demonstrating what could potentially have filled those voids.