Spring 2012
Anna Li
FA 1071
"Influenza" explores how an idea and event, such as a sickness, can be implied without actually showing the physical person who is sick.

The video that I got my inspiration for this project from is called "Helen" which is a film made by Luke Fowler. He has four pieces that are a part of his "Three Minute Wonders" series and "Helen" was one of these pieces. Fowler brings the woman Helen to life not by showing her, but by through her surroundings, more specifically where she lives and spends a good portion of her time at. I decided that instead of doing this with a person I would take an idea and convey it through indirect things associated with it. I chose to show humans going through a sickness, which in this case is influenza. Some people just fight through the flu while others take a trip to the emergency room and I show both sides in my video. I chose influenza to be my object in the film mainly due to this duality fact because many diseases that humans experience are the same way, you can choose to wait it out or do something about it. I thought that this fact would be effective in conveying the fact that someone is sick without showing that they are in my video. My intention with this video was to imply the sick body being there without showing the physical person.

Original piece:
"Helen" by Luke Fowler