I thought this piece was interesting in how it was made out of surveillance footage and how it is somewhat unsettling.
Todd Kimes

I know this doesn't count as a sound art example for what our project is about, but the first few minutes of this guy's lecture are rather interesting and somewhat humorous as well. I was also surprised he mentioned a study that came out of American University apparently. Totally random small world... :) enjoy!

My actual contribution to sound art examples is part of a website called Tuned City and they have different cities as sections of work designed to give the feel of being in various places within that city. They have ones of London, Brussels, Chicago, Beijing, and Talinn. My two favorites were the London ones called "Tottenham Hotspurs football club" and "Big Ben (from the street)" --T. Fain

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I thought this was interesting and I questioned the name of the piece in correlation with the work. It is entitled DAMAGE but it features background music to a group of Cornell students essentially playing "keep up" with a large beach volley ball.
Nicole Federica

I chose this piece because the artist seems to subsitute using his words with using sounds to express himself.
Michael Bailey

I chose this piece because it offers a physical perspective on sound art.
Stephanie Buglione

This commercial gives a particular sound to sports, mixing everyday sounds of basketball to create a rhythm almost musical.
Jorge Acevedo

Melissa Benson