Brainwriting is an emerging idea generation technique which is used as an alternative to brainstorming. Traditional brainstorming requires a group to throw out as many ideas as possible within a creative session. The purpose is to produce quantity over quality ideas which may lead to generating other ideas as a final outcome.

For this exercise, we will be brainwriting ideas for images on these wiki pages. In this project you are asked to construct a scene in a user-made world that is both plausible and fantastic. To do that you must decide on a situation and gather and build all the elements of the work. This is quite a daunting task! Enter the group-mind. Each person in the class is going to contribute to setting the scene for classmates' starting photos. You are not describing the scene on the photo presented, but possible scenarios that the final work may take, and what other elements in may contain.


After getting a number from the instructor, go to the corresponding page below. Post an image you are thinking about starting with. When time starts, go to the next page in the list and begin creating a scenario for the image on that page. Use the discussion area below the image. Spend 1 minute writing the first things that come to mind about that image. Who is this? What are their personality traits? What kind of invented space can you see this person in? Who else is there? Try setting the scene by starting a story. Add information as fast as you can, don't worry if it makes sense. this is like sketching.

After working for 1 minute go to the next number in the chain and repeat. Take a second to read the comments there and comment below that, adding to or diverging from the previous post. At the end of the exercise, each person can return to their page and see (hopefully!) a bunch of text that contains elements and ideas that will inform their project. Use them!

Things you can brainwrite about:
  • personality
  • location
  • time period
  • context
  • accompanying characters
  • emotional setting
  • backstory
  • anything else you can imagine!