Submitted by: Riley Spencer

ed tannenbaum – digital dance (1982)
heather palmer

Franz Walther, "For Two" - Stephen Finnegan
Franz Walther, "For Two" - Stephen Finnegan

Theme Song: Vito Acconci. Posted by Kristen Ennis

The 4th Circle of the Dragon from Diego Agulló on Vimeo.

submitted by Janetta Deppa

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conFIGURING the CAVE - submitted by Jessica Rogers

Bruce Nauman from Madiel on Vimeo.

Bruce Nauman - Elusive Signs (I think that is the name) Submitted by Matthew Moore

Anthropométrie de l’époque bleue (ANT 82), 1960 by Yves Klein ---Submitted by Brittany Emigh

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Jenny Saville- "Passage" --- Submitted by Carolyn Becker


Gary Hill's Suspension of Disbelief (for Marine) - 1991-92 (Submitted by Amanda Zimmer)

Video explanation of the work found here (click) - No YouTube video available of work.
SFMOMA Interactive Page on Gary Hill (click)

duchamp_fountain1.jpgbrian davis
Tiana Fain: Martha Graham's Lamentation:
Melissa Benson

also: Red Hot Chili Pepper's "Can't Stop" music video: (embedding disabled??) - Melissa Benson

Michael Bailey

external image antoni2.jpg

Eve Moel
This piece is called, "Loving Care." Its by Janine Antoni. The picture on the right, is Antoni in the act of creating "Loving Care."

Stephanie Buglione
Piplotti Rist- Be Nice to Me