Name: Yifan (Ivan)
Major: Mathematics

Homework 1 Assignment

As most common naughty boys, I fell in love with computer games when I was young. While in 7 years old, I watched my elder brother playing computer, I started my game life. Most Chinese boy has a dream of Kongfu and Chinese knight-errant. So do I. Therefore, the games about Chinese martial arts became my favorite.

I was immersed in the martial arts world when I was playing the computer games until one day, when I became a high school student, I found a problem. Why I still play the same game as I played 5 years before? I ask myself. I realized that there were no new Chinese domestic computer games and video games in these years. I couldn’t understand it, because I know there are a lot of boys like me looking forward new games. I typed my questions on the internet and tried to get the answer. I found that some Chinese pc games companies were bankrupt and other game companies transited. The Chinese game company can’t make money from their game production because of the pirate. People can buy the pirated games and products with a pretty low price and even download the games free. In this way, the game company had no money to create new games and even can’t operate. At last, the companies had to break up or transit. In China, there are some people who are specialize in cracking games, and those people are called “crack groups”. People can play the cracked game free and don’t need to impute the sequence code. People can download the game from the internet or buy it from a petty dealer. For example, most Xbox games could be play free without pay 20 bucks for each game in China before. I still remembered that I can use 10 RMB (about1.5 dollars) to buy a game from a little store when I was still in primary school. Actually, I never buy a copyrighted game when I was a young boy, because I know nothing about copyright. The only thing I thought about is I could play the game I like. However, I didn’t realize that I killed what I loved. I’m one of the murders of Chinese domestic computer games.

The copyright games are too expensive can be consider as a reason why people decide to download the pirate games. The copyright games have the best games experience, but not all people can afford it. Especially, most players are students and they don’t have a lot of money to spend on games. However, the price is not the main cause. Some games does not release in China before. Chinese gamer can’t buy it in China. The only way they can play the games is to crack the game. Otherwise, some games do not have Chinese version. Those people who do not understand English or other languages can only play pirate games which have Chinese version. These two factors become the main reasons of the early times. However, with the time flies, “free games” idea has been took root in most people’s mind. Most people can pay for the games but they still play pirate games. Because they are used to play free games and they thought that if they can play the game free why they have to buy the game. The pirate becomes a kind of awareness in people’s mind.

The situation is now changing in China. More and more people begin to know about copyright and realize the importance of copyright. Although the crack groups are still crack some international games, they stop to crack Chinese domestic games in order to protect them. The Chinese domestic games appear again in these two years. Steam, the game platform, push out RMB pay method. People who use RMB to pay for games can get a much lower price. It can be a way to promote copyright consciousness. I believe that the copyright should be protected and it will be protected.

Class Project 1


Class project 2


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writing experience

It’s a sunny day. A beautiful sound is fluttered from the forest. There is a musician playing his violin in the forest. He is sitting on the limb of a big tree and he is like entering a place without anyone. He is so relaxing and free. We can hear his happy music through the picture. The air is seems filled by the bright notes. There are some tiny skeleton dragons around the musician and they are enjoying the music. It seems like that the music causes the rebirth of them. The musician seems combined with the nature.

Project 1

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Uses of AR

1. AR can be used in games.
Augmented reality allows gamers to experience digital game play in a real world environment. In the last 10 years there has been a lot of improvements of technology, resulting in better movement detection and the possibility for the Wii to exist, but also direct detection of the player's movements.
2. AR can be used in medicals.
Augmented Reality can provide the surgeon with information, which are otherwise hidden, such as showing the heartbeat rate, the blood pressure, the state of the patient’s organ, etc. AR can be used to let a doctor look inside a patient by combining one source of images such as an X-ray with another such as video.
3.AR can be used in Translation.
AR systems can interpret foreign text on signs and menus and, in a user's augmented view, re-display the text in the user's language. Spoken words of a foreign language can be translated and displayed in a user's view as printed subtitles.

AR Project


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Smoke Kills

Smoking had become a worldwide problem for several decades. Although most people knows about the disadvantage of smoking, there are still a lot people keep smoking and the number of those people are increasing. Different governments and department did some work to control the statements of smoking, but it seems doesn't work well. There are also a lot of my friends who are used to smoke. I tried to tell them to smoke less but I can't find a method to let them to do that. The current condition of smoking gives me ideas about these project. I can make a AR project to show the disadvantages of smoking. The trigger of my project is that black cigarette box. Every smoker has a smoke box, so the trigger would be a common staff. After you put your camera on the cigarette box, you can see the fire gif. It's just like the start of smoking. Then, after click the gif, you will watch a video about the harm of smoking. The videos shows that the cigarette will harm the smoker's teeth, heart and lung. When the smoker watch the video, they may think about themselves. At the end of this aurasma, a twinkle skull will come up, the skull also notice people that smoke kills. The purpose of my project is to remind people the harm of smoking. I hope that the project can have some effects.

Counter Monuments Response

After read the article about the counter monument, I know about the conception of monuments and a different kind of monuments, counter monuments, and I knows about its conception and how the counter monument use. Actually, the tradition or original monuments are build for some great event or persons, like important date or notable heroes. However, the counter monuments are different with traditional monuments. The formation, size, placement and even meaning are much free and wide than normal monuments. Counter monument is a philosophy in art that denies the presence of any imposing, authoritative social force in public spaces. It developed as an opposition to monumentalism whereby authorities establish monuments in public spaces to symbolize themselves or their ideology, and influence the historical narrative of the place. Counter monuments can be separated as anti- monuments and dialogic monuments. According to the article, basically counter-monuments are often created by concepts and ideas from artists' minds that are too abstract for viewers to see and finalized into a symbol or something "absurd" that can lead viewers to critical thoughts when they are standing in front of the monuments. I think the counter monuments just show us a different way to think about the traditional monuments.

VR Propect

YifanLiuVR2.jpgYifanLiu VR Project.jpg

Anti-Terrorism Monument

Nowadays, terrorism becomes a popular social problem around us. The terrorist attack shocked us and the world in this year. People are afraid of every behaviours of IRIS and the terrorist attack. The IRIS reminds us the 911 event before 15 years. The result of terrorist attack can't be imagining. I think every one love peace and everyone hope that there will be no terrorism anymore. Therefore, I find the themes of my counter monument project. The motif of my project is anti-terrorism. The main part of the monument is a explosive. However, the timer of the explosive is infinity, which means that the explosive will never explode. The explosive represent the terrorism. Since the explosive can't explode, it symbolizes that the hope of there will be no terrorism anymore. The location of the monument would be on the side of the Potomac River. What's more, it's also near the Pentagon, which is one of the main injured buildings of 911 events. I want the everybody can remember the harm of terrorism and fight against the terrorism. That's the purpose of my monument. I hope that one day, there will be no more terrorism in our world.