Collage instructions.

Select at least 1 image from each of your sources and combine these images to form a new work of art. Don’t worry about a story, deeper meaning, or readability. Look for interesting juxtapositions, implied shapes and patterns and surprising transitions. You should import your assets by scanning and photographing. You may want to do things like scan, print then crumple the paper and scan again. Let the process take over! Meaning is created in the process, the juxtapositions and the limitations.

  • Things to think about:
  • Images can be masks
  • Clone stamp can not just hide, but can replicate
  • You can establish your own rules. Ex. Use only the 5th, 25th and last image in a book

Other required parameters:
Photoshop image must be 3600, 5400 pixels
Try a tool that you have not used
Landscape or portrait is fine
No digitally sourced imagery
You may bring in other things you photograph or scan

Above all, think about combining the tools we have used in new and interesting ways!
Adjustment layers
Fill layers
Blending modes
Complex selections

Some Examples, feel free to pick bit and pieces of these and use them as inspiration.

Davis collage examples34.jpg

Davis collage examples33.png

Davis collage examples31.jpg

Davis collage examples30.jpg

Davis collage examples29.jpg

Davis collage examples28.jpg

Davis collage examples27.png

Davis collage examples26.jpg

Davis collage examples25.jpg

Davis collage examples24.jpg

Davis collage examples23.jpg

Davis collage examples22.jpg
Davis collage examples21.jpg

Davis collage examples20.jpg

Davis collage examples19.jpg

Davis collage examples18.jpg

Davis collage examples17.jpg

Davis collage examples16.jpg

Davis collage examples15.jpg

Davis collage examples14.jpg

Davis collage examples13.jpg

Davis collage examples12.jpg

Davis collage examples11.jpg

Davis collage examples10.jpg