For part 2 of your AR project, you will be creating a site-specific self portrait. Using images, video, sound and site, you will design an AR experience where the viewer can (re)experience an event at the location of your choice. Your triggers will be printed and placed at the site, or you can use "naturally" occurring triggers to design your experience. Your piece can be at one location with lots of content, or could be several experiences strung together across multiple sites. In either case, resist the temptation to build you portrait with simple representative symbols, essentially, resist self portrait cliche. Use the AR platform to let you viewers experience what you what them to experience, put them in your shoes maybe.

You can use a mixture of sound and images and videos, or you may choose to focus on one specific area that you wish to expand on.

Remember, good works of self portraiture often focus on one specific facet rather than trying to represent the whole. A good work need editing, and you always want to leave room for the viewer to bring their own experiences to the work. Also, due to the face that many of you are seniors, use your experiences with the spaces you've inhabited of the last years to tell your story.

Possible iterations of this project. (by no means an exhaustive list!)

- Lead viewers on a journey around campus, to specific experiences triggered by images hung at specific places. experiences could be narrative video, or image sequences.

- augment pages in books in the library, where each book tells where the next book is. each book serves as a context for the AR experience

- create an exhibition of printed images that each has an alternate experience through AR. the exhibition could be the site.

- create a walking sound or videoscape triggered by a printed image ex. janet cardiff

- make your viewers experience your portrait! foe example, if you were stuffed in a locker as a kid, make the work only viewable from within a locker.

Some examples:

For next class- Meet 1 on 1 with me. have 3 proposals with sketches, examples of what you might do.

Meeting times:

5:00 - Mickey Cervino

5:15 - Maria Trostyanskaya

5:30 - Katie Loos

5:45 - Ambar Mesa

6:00 - Ella Schneiberg

6:15 - Brianna Bailey

6:30 - Zoe Hopkins-Ward

6:45 -Kyle Patzwahl

7:00 - Paula Restrepo

7:15 - Charlie Lee

7:30 - Aviva Stone

7:45 - Ryan Wagstaff

8:00- Hannah Hoffman