In this short project, you will be making a video game. You will be using the Scratch engine, developed by MIT. This is a graphical programming environment good for 2D games.

You game can be anything you like, but you need a theme and game play elements. Possibilities include, but are not limited to games about:
  • Something from your major,
  • Inspired by current events
  • Politics
  • Games themselves

Your game does not necessarily have to be deadly serious, it can be satire.

You will be creating the assets yourselves using Photoshop. They can be generated from photos, video or historical images, but should not be "canned" assets. Also, you are not re-making video games that already exist, unless relevant to your concept. Bring yourself and your interests into the game. It can be simple, but should reflect you!

Some examples:

scratch demos


Scrolling BG with variable speed