Big concepts:

Video projects are collections of files, not just single files.
Media management basics.
Codecs, containers and compression. Definitions of each and editing vs delivery
Editing needs extra time around shots
Developing a workflow.
Rendering, what is it?

Opening project: know this sequence

Make folder on workspace
Remind not to work on server disks
Change scratch disk to that folder
Select new or use recents
Scratch disks set to external drive
Save new project as.
To external
Make folder for all, Show how folder has all project files in it after saving
Show how to back up folder to server drive

In program: know how to do these things

Different views- how to set different workspaces
Highlight parts of interface
Source monitor,
effect controls, motion controls,
Project window, media browser, effects library-describe functions
Timeline-shuttle controls
Program window- shows edits- view final piece

Import media, many ways, add from media browser to project window

Open assets in source window, set points and manipulate
double clicking on clip in timeline brings it up in source monitor

Find usable segment in source monitor, use i and o to set points, then drag that section to timeline
Show play controls, jkl, arrow keys
\ zoom to fit

Manipulate clip ends by hovering over edge of clip, clicking and dragging.
Show edit tools, ripple, rolling, move forward and back

Apply effects by dragging them to clips in source window or timeline, if in timeline, adjust controls in source window and see effect in project window.

contextual controls examine options and focus on speed duration

Save and export, preset- h264

key frames with motion and effects
titles in premiere and in Photoshop