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    I thought the exhibit was really thought provoking. The centerpiece was a short film that begins in a very disjointed way as just short interviews with seemingly unconnected people until it later is shown to be centered on the last woman interviewed as she looks out of a window at the world passing by. I think the format of the film was really interesting because it was on all three walls of the small room making it incredibly immersive and impossible to see everything. I think the artists were trying to convey the feeling of insignificance. By starting with individual interviews in a dark room it places clear value on the individual but following the interviews the main character is shown to be increasingly distressed as she becomes swept up in the crowd and therefore less of an individual making her less and less significant.
    Exercise 4: Krauss Article Response
    What would Krauss' thesis be , and how would it differ, if she were writing this article in 2017?
    Well to begin, Krauss' thesis is essentially that the whole medium of film and video is inherently narcissistic. This conclusion was reached in the 1970s which as far as video is concerned was very different than it is today. The most obvious and I believe relevant difference between these time periods is the availability of recording devices. Back in the 1970s and even through the 1990s, in order to make a video a person had to specifically buy a video camera which in many ways made it a luxury and less accessible medium. However, today, almost all phones come with video capturing ability making this medium far more accessible to the masses. That being said, if we accept the premise that as a medium video is narcissistic then the proliferation of portable recording devices (i.e. mobile phones) has created a more narcissistic society.
    I posit that Krauss’ thesis would not have changed in its meaning but instead that it would expand to capture narcissistic aspects of video culture as we have it today from being able to share videos through varying avenues on the internet, this is evident from the sentiment she displays in quotes such as this “The demand for instant replay in the media-in fact the creation of work that literally does not exist outside of that replay.” This was a cultural critique far ahead of its time. With the internet we in many ways mirror Vito Acconci in his video “Centers” (1971). The video consists of him pointing at the center of the screen (himself) as if to say look at me direct your attention here in the most obvious and narcissistic way possible. And in many ways this is exactly what we do with our online presence. Every post a reminder of our own self-importance and every selfie a reaffirmation of our existence. And those are the types of critique I would expect from Krauss. Another element that she would likely touch on is the ability to live stream video content.
    However, I would like to offer a counterpoint to this thesis. One could look at the state of affairs of social media and video content and exclaim that it is narcissistic and that the world is becoming a more narcissistic place, and I would tend to disagree. While the medium is more easily available for widespread use I think that culturally video and social media have replaced the niche previously inhabited by journal’s and diaries. Instead of memoirs we have digital footprints stretching back to the purchase of our first iphone. Instead of a small note in a book of an event we have a feed of pictures, videos, and posts from our friends by which to remember. And ultimately I think for the purpose of art it has given a platform to the masses which just aids to push the culture forward and increase the standard for what we as a whole accept as art.

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    Rosalind Krauss Article Response
    Rosalind Krauss talks about the different aspects that video can portray self-reflection and narcissism through pieces such as, Centers by Acconci. The video examples he gives to support his argument all reflect one subject, the self. Even though these videos were made in the 60s, this idea of self-reflection can still be reflected in 2017. However, the way it is portrayed in 2017 has a more artificial outcome. Nowadays, everything is made on photoshop and images can be/are extremely manipulated, specially in photography. Yet, video is also a form of photography, since essentially it is a composition of photos together. Therefore, it can also be manipulated. In 2017, an artist could film himself/herself, and reflect the idea of narcissism that Krauss is talking about in the article, yet if that video is manipulated, the outcome and response of the audience is completely different. Questions such as, what is the artist hiding by manipulating himself in the video? arise. Such changes can portray fiction, or artificial thoughts in the audience. Which is probably why sometimes modern art is so hard to understand; so much can be going on in a video when it’s being exploited so much. However, the idea of narcissism is still present in the current art world. An artist self-representing himself/herself can teach us a lot of what he/she stands for and his/her views on the world. In conclusion, art is always changing and the ideas portrayed in earlier art are still present too, but they are used with modern mediums, such as photoshop manipulation.

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    Exercise 3: Prep for AR and Video Project
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